Foundary Man trade

Trade Name Foundary Man
Course Duration 1 Year
Minimum Qualification 8th Pass.
Apprenticeship Training 3 year including 1 year basic training
Skills Acquired
1 Prepare moulding sand for Al.
2 Fettle & metallic element casting.
3 Open sand mould and bedded mould in floor.
4 Prepare mould by victimisation varied gating systems.
5 Operate & maintain oil laid-off chamber.
6 Repair the broken picket patterns and core boxes
7 Carry out the various tests on moulding sand.
8 Assemble cowl core and balanced core in mould
9 Prepare mould for all non-ferrous and forged iron casting.
10 . Maintain and operate pit chamber; oil laid-off tilting chamber and cupola furnace
11 Inspect the casting and observe the defects in casting and counsel remedies.
12 Prepare mould for non ferric metals and forged iron castings.
13 Prepare core sand by victimisation varied binders.
14 Prepare moulds and cores as per the patterns and core boxes equipped and forged with within the dimensional accuracy of 1- 1.5 mm.
15 Melt and pour non ferric metals and forged iron.
16 Clean and fitness non ferric and forged iron casting.
17 Detect the defects in casting and counsel the remedies.
18 Understand the construct of basic science.

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